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             It occurs in many different places, willingly or unwillingly affecting a person¡¯s mind and action. In the three given texts ¡®Of mice and men¡¯, ¡®Tri¡¯ and ¡®Minority report¡¯, a range of conflict is represented by different composers through the usage of different structure and several techniques such as setting, dialogues, music, language and camera angles. .
             Conflict is a fight or struggle of clash between people with different interest. Conflict occurs in all social setting, and has a great impact upon a person¡¯s day to day life. .
             In the first text to be discussed - ¡®Of mice and men¡¯ by John S, the character George is a person that has confronted psychological and emotional conflict. Throughout the novel, George has openly complained that Lennie is a real pain who prevent him from working toward his dream. Thus, George¡¯s conflict arises in Lennie, to whom he has the long-time companionship with.
             Setting loneliness as the main theme of the novel, the composer created the conversation between George and his co-worker Slim to reveal George¡¯s feeling - his inner conflict, concerning the issue of keeping Lennie in his care. ¡®if I was alone I could live so easy¡¯, on one side George desperate to live a normal life, but at the same time George ¡®can¡¯t get rid of him¡¯ because without friends people would suffer from loneliness and George don¡¯t want to be lonely. Thus a sequence of psychological conflicts emerged.
             Other demonstration of psychological and emotional conflict appears near the end of the novel where George is force to kill Lennie. The detail descriptions put readers at the scene of incidence, not only allowing readers to see George¡¯s body language but also what¡¯s going on in his mind. The turmoil going on in his mind are clearly shown where his forced to shoot both his companion, he tried to raised the gun several times but fail to do so because he has ¡®got used to goin¡¯ around¡¯ with Lennie, and had created that kind of emotion towards Lennie.