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Farewell to Manzanar

            1) At the beginning of the book the setting is Ocean Park, California.
             Harbor, the Wakatsuki family moves to Terminal Island (a Asian community), but then Terminal Island is evacuated and the family moves to Boyle Heights another minority ghetto. The war causes racial tension and Japanese- Americans are moved to Manzanar, which is a American concentration camp at the edge of the Mojave Desert. After the war the Wakatusuki's move to West Long Beach for a short time and then finally move to San Jose. I would shoot this movie in California for all the places they lived besides Manzanar because u could recreate all those places perfectly there and then for Manzanar I would shoot it in a studio and recreate everything so my crew wouldn't have to worry about the weather conditions.
             2) Five situation or conflicts I would change in the book are: 1. When papa burned the flag and papers he shouldn't of because either way they could still consider him a trader, 2. When the Wakatsuki's are hanging out and eating with other family's it wouldn't break them up because no matter what you"ll always remember who your family are and none of them stayed with the other family's they were with so I wouldn't of mentioned that, 3. When the people of Manzanar make Manzanar like a "little America" I wouldn't of said they would change everything where it was like America because I think they just did that so they could try and get out of there not because they liked everything in America, 4. When Hiroshima was bombed I think they people of Manzanar would be more conserned with their family that live there rather then knowing they would have to leave pretty soon because the war was ending, 5. When Papa bought a car because he wanted to leave in style I would of left that out because I don't think someone who's been in a concentration camp would really care how they left.

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