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Negative effects of cohabitation

             Negative Effects of Cohabitation .
             Each society has its own social norms which are unwritten rules of a community that regulate society's social behavior. These norms are indispensable. There are some factors that directly affect shaping of those norms. One of them is cohabitation. Cohabitation by definition is two unmarried people of opposite sex living together. People who chose living together without marriage prefer cohabitation for its so-called facilities such as having sex that is readily available, leaving easy if the things get rough, and taking no responsibility.
             However, cohabitors generally face with the sociological and psychological problems .
             First of all, cohabiting couples suffer sociological problems. Unhappier marriage is one .
             of the example of social problems. Women's complaints about the quality of communication.
             after the wedding leads to unhappier marriages and unhappier marriages in its turn causes high divorce rates. Sociologist Neil Benett from Yale university found out that cohabiting women were 80 % more likely to separate or divorce than women who had not lived with their spouses before marriage (Neil Benett,n.d. ). Furthermore unmarried counterparts are rarely to marry each other which is the outcome of respect and trust. Since mature love is built on the security of knowing that there is no one else. However, premarital relationship causes you wonder whether he or she has anyone else in his or her life apart from you. As suspicion and distrust increase, you slowly lose respect. .
             In addition to sociological problems, cohabiters experience psychological problems. Depression is a leading psychological problem that cohabiters meet. Reports of National Institute for Mental Health points out that those women who cohabite have rates of depression 3 times higher than those who are married ("reports",n.d.). Moreover cohabiting couples have behavioral problems.

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