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Essential Part of Home: Wife

            The majority of our world thinks that homemaking is a very easy task for a wife. What a wife and her duties are, are usually underestimated. What is the real role of a wife? In the articles "I Want A Wife" by Judy Syters and "Homemaking" by William Raspberry, the role of a wife is discussed from two somewhat contrary points of views. Three issues that mainly differ in the two articles are social life, child care, and physical chores.
             The two articles have contrary views on social life. Though William Raspberry talks more about organization than social life, he states that it is vital to social life. Raspberry says that a wife should organize, plan every issue or job in a perfect design, persuade the husband to aid her in homemaking, and be available for work outside the house. On the other hand, in the article "I Want A Wife" Syters concentrates more on the duties inside the household. Syters says that a wife should: take care of babsitting arrangements when leaving the kids for a reason, prepare the house and meal for guests and understand that the husband may want to go out on his own from time to time. Syters, as seen from the reasons above supports the idea that a wife should be house-bound and server her husband.
             Syters and Raspberry have major differences when it comes to the issue of child-care. According to Raspberry the only duties of a wife about a child should be to see their overall nutrition, keep them entertained, and make sure they don't do anything wrong. These are simple tasks expected from mothers, but Syters supports many ideas on the contrary, some of which are heavy chores. Considering Syters" opinion a wife should keep track of the children's doctor appointments, keep them clean, arrange their schooling, and make sure to provide them with a proper social life. Syters loads a few heavy chores upon the shoulders of a wife, whereas Raspberry only thinks the basics as obligations for her to handle.

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