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wonder of science

             Science is changing by improving and so are our lives.
             Our lives are getting easier by using new .
             Computer is the thing that brought a big change into my life. It lets me do what .
             ever I want to do. I can play games, chat with others, shop and lots more. I don't buy any .
             more video game systems, because all of the games that come out for the video games they come out for the computers too, and they are much cheaper for computers. So if anyone has a computer, it's like having all the video game systems in one. I also stopped talking on the phone as much as I did before because I chat twice as much on the Internet. I chat with my cousins around the world. I can even see them with my web camera. Chatting with them online has cut down my parent's telephone bills. I shop for things online too, such as electronics, groceries, and even clothing. Last week my family ordered all of the grocery from online, because we had guests at home and we couldn't go out. We can do so many things by this wonder of science (Computer).
             Everything has their bad side, so does the computers. Computers made me a bit lazier from before. I do almost everything on the computer. Right after school when I reach home, I go straight to my computer. I even use it while I am sleeping by leaving the music on. I am so addicted to it, that I spend around 4-6 hours daily on the computers. My eyesight has been worsening because of the computers. Sometimes I think that I am .
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             the slave and the computer is my master. Now I am fighting this new wonder of science, so I can get back to the way I was before I was introduced to this wonder.
             In "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly, the character named victor is fascinated by how life is begun, and how it falls apart. He wants to discover the secret of life, so he decides to begin the construction of an animate creature (monster). When he finally brings the monster to life, he runs away to sleep because he is horrified by the monster's appearance.

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