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The Health Benefits Animals Give Humans

            The Health Benefits Animals Give Humans .
             Often in today's society children as well as adults are mistreated. They are neglected, emotionally and physically abused or just simply, alone. Giving these people pets as companions can teach them how to love and how to be loved. Animals can heal emotionally scarred people with both love and loyalty. .
             In one situation, New York's troubled children from the inner city are referred to and sent to the Green Chimney's Children's Services in Brewster, New York. Here they spend time on a farm and help to take care of the animals there. They have horses, cows, geese, bird, among others. The children help groom, as well as feed the animals. By doing this, they not only bond with the animal, but learn how to form healthy relationships with people, "what we try to do here is get children to connect with the animals on the farm. By nurturing animals that need constant care the children learn that they too will be nurtured - that someone will care for them as well" (Ross, 1994). Some of these children have experienced some sort of neglect or abusive treatment. While others have experienced emotional loss or trauma. An example of this could be witnessing a violent crime or losing a loved one to a violent crime, which is not at all uncommon in New York's inner cities. This treatment seemed to work very well, the children learned to trust the counselors that work at Green Chimney and finally with the other children at the facility. The long term goal of this project is to return these children to their homes or in the case that they don't have a home, find them one. This is a successful treatment process in almost all of the cases. .
             In another situation, llamas were used in United States prisons to help reform the prisoners. Llamas are generally calm animals that easily bond with people, so psychologists saw these animals as good ones to use. "Studies in U.

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