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What Some People Do For Love

             In Flannery O’Connor’s ‘Parker’s Back’, O. Parker and Sarah Ruth were never the couple that were meant to be. Sarah Ruth was a sweet and innocent church girl with a Straight Gospel preacher as a father. On the other hand, O.E. Parker was a crazy drunk that thought all women loved him by reason of the many tattoos he had. After how much Sarah Ruth despised them, O.E. Parker wanted a tattoo ‘that Sarah Ruth would not be able to resist—a religious subject.’.
             O.E. Parker had always been a worthless drunk, never caring what other people thought about him or the actions he took upon. He tried turning his life around by joining the navy, but once he got out he was back to his old self again. His arete -excellence- was trying to turn his life around and also trying to make his wife happy by getting a tattoo of something she would appreciate. Parker ended up getting a tattoo on the only place left, his back. He assumed that if she didn’t like any of his tattoo’s maybe she would like something that she had a passion for, which was religion. Parker thought that if he got God tattooed on his back she could not complain, so sure enough that is what he did. The nemesis –downfall- was O.E. Parker having way too much self-confidence in himself, always assuming everyone was attracted to him just because he had tattoos everywhere. Another nemesis –downfall- was Parker disrespecting his wife and trying to have total control. .
             Sarah Ruth had a rich passion for religion, arete –excellence-. She was deeply involved with the Holy Spirit and tried to get O.E. involved as well, trying to make him a better person. ‘Parker did nothing much when he was home but listen to what the judgement seat of god would be like for him if he didn’t changes his ways.’ The ate –rash action- was her getting pregnant. Parker always told himself he couldn’t understand why he stayed with her now since she was pregnant and that was the last thing he wanted.

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