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             It’s fascinating how apes are similar to humans. Just like humans, apes need to be taught some things and others come natural to them. Apes have many ways of communicating. Apes are capable of doing the same things that we as humans do such as: playing, comforting, greeting, eating, having children etc. In this essay I will attempt to point out some valuable things about apes. As we all strive for the same thing that is survival.
             Apes have many ways of communicating with one another. A form of greeting would be displayed by embracing, jumping up or down. The Bonobos use trail markers, the one who leads marks an intersection, where they will all meet at the end of the day. Also as a form of communication is that they are taught the American Sign Language. With the use of the American Sign Language they are able to communicate with one another and hold a conversation. We as humans can also interact with one another by signing. We also embrace one another as a form of greeting. We can also help each other when one is in trouble. And with these traits apes are able to do the same daily activities that we are capable of doing.
             I believe that there are many similarities between humans and apes in reference to culture behavior. One is that we know how to care of kids. We know how to distinguish different cries coming from the children. Meaning that we know what they want. WE are able to defend ourselves in times of trouble. We are also able to medicate ourselves. We also travel on our own (Haviland 2003:115). We can also survive on our own. Learning how to cope with your surroundings.
             Many researchers have their negative and positive things about the apes. But one that stands out to me is Herbert Terrence. He has his ups and downs about the learning ability of the apes. He “believes that the apes used signs only to receive rewards from their human trainer”(Language of the Apes: 5).

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