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Trade In Ancient Aztec Society

             What evolutions in Aztec society helped establish trade and commerce and moved the.
             The most simplest form of commerce began almost instantaneously and without thought. When.
             people had more corn or other vegetation than was needed they would barter with neighboring.
             peoples for such things as maguey fiber or pottery. This bartering started becoming a greater.
             influence and eventually the rulers organized centers or markets where such transactions could.
             take place on a regular basis. More complicated forms of trade and commerce persisted not quite.
             as suddenly. One particular juncture in the Aztec society that prompted growth was the.
             development of different forms of social structure. Clans and guilds were no longer based solely.
             upon your ancestry but were created with several people with several backgrounds. This allowed.
             change and diversity to exist and encouraged economic growth through different peoples and.
             ideas. Another evolution was the desire of the people and the king especially to learn about and.
             benefit from distant tribes and societies rather than to remain isolated from them. They began to.
             desire goods and products from far away nations due to their peculiarity and extravagance. Yet.
             another evolution was the change from agriculture to business. Early on, every member of the.
             Aztecs save nobility had a small area of land known as communal land in which to take care of.
             All common people tended to their lands and none else. Slowly, a shift came in society in which.
             the people began shying away from managing lands and began indulging themselves in the.
             business world. Slowly, nobility and priests created such a demand for the goods that it gave way.
             to the formation of merchant guilds. A final evolution which gave way towards a market economy.
             was the gradual acceptance of the common people to this newfound way of life. Merchants held.
             eloquent banquets which offered food to the common people as a way of fulfilling their social.

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