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A Spanking Hard Question

            For this sociological analysis paper when I use the terms corporal punishment or spanking, I am using them as one and same. Now we must define these ideas and to do so I am going to use Elizabeth Gershoff’s definition of corporal punishment: “Corporal punishment is the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain but not injury for the purposes of correction or control of the child’s behavior” This sets the context in which the question is asked. Should parents be for or against spanking/ corporal punishment? .
             What got me started on this assignment was an article I had read a little while back which caught my eye. Its headline reads “Spanking can cause long-term harm” with the sub-heading “Study: Risks outweigh any benefit of instant obedience.” After reading through the report it immediately came to mind that corporal punishment was a social norm in its own right but not so clear and cut about how widely accepted it was. Then I thought about the points brought up and how I could apply them to my own life and experiences. Basically, the article is a brief report about a certain Elizabeth Gershoff who has recently taken it upon herself to undertake a large-scale meta-analysis of 88 studies spanning throughout 62 years of research. Throughout her research, which was published in the July issue of Psychological Bulletin she states that she had .
             ‘found “strong associations” between corporal punishment and all eleven child behaviors and experiences, including several in childhood (immediate compliance, moral internalization, quality of relationship with parent, and physical abuse from that parent), three in both childhood and adulthood (mental health, aggression, and criminal or antisocial behavior) and one in adulthood alone (abuse of own children or spouse).’ .
             Growing up I was spanked as a child and I feel that I am better for because of it.

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