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Current Affairs

            Current affairs and news programs position the viewer to react in a certain way through the use techniques such as selection of detail, Audio, technical and symbolic codes. A ten news program about the falling of the twin towers on sep 11 uses these techniques to position the viewer to respond in a sympathetic manner and to accept the values and attitudes being presented.
             Selection of detail a technique of bias is used in the news presentation to manipulate the viewer to fell one sided towards an event or person. Selection of detail in this presentation is how the news segment only shows the September 11th and no event before or leading after. These events may change a persons attitude or challenge there value towards the event which isn't the way the news presentation wants the viewer to respond to the program. So inturn is this information is left out.
             Audio codes used in this special presentation are placed to make the viewer feel different toward the segment. The music introduced to the viewer in the news segment of bag pipes and violins is very slow and depressing which places the viewer in a simular mood. (tape).
             This music manipulates the way the viewer responds instead of felling neutral or even maybe happy towards the event they feel sad. .
             Visuals shown are selected to make the viewer respond to the program in one way. these are techniques of technical codes and only show the destruction of the twin towers and other footage that makes you feal sympathetic for the Americans and anger for the Afghanistan people. (tape).
             By only showing one side viewers can only respond in one way the way the news programmers wish you to feel.
             Symbolic codes such as the clothing the news presenters wear which is usually smart looking make the audience feel the news is important so they fell the need to watch it. Other symbolic codes used to encourage the viewer to react a certain way is the background of the news studio.

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