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How To Change Your Oil

             Every 3,000 miles we are faced with the vital task of changing our oil.
             occurs, most of us just set up an appointment at the repair garage and spend money for.
             someone to do something so easy, you can do it yourself in a short amount of time. It is a.
             basic necessity in maintaining your vehicle that can leave you with pride in yourself for a.
             job well done. .
             The first step in the process is buying the oil and oil filter. You can find these in.
             any store that sells automotive items. There will be a manual near the filters to find the.
             right oil filter for your car. As for your oil, brand is not important as long as it is API.
             (American Petroleum Institute) certified. All certified oils will state this on the label.
             Your owner’s manual should be consulted for the amount and type of oil such as 5 w30.
             or 10 w30, needed for your car. .
             Now that you have your oil and filters you can begin the job. With your old jeans.
             and shirt on you need to crawl under the front of your car. You will notice a relatively.
             large tank with a bolt protruding from the bottom or side of it. That is your oil tank. You.
             must now place a shallow pan under the discharge bolt of the tank. Your pan needs to be.
             able to hold 4-5 quarts.
             Next you must have the appropriate socket on your wrench to fit over the bolt.
             tightly to remove it. If you do not have a wrench and socket set you can use a normal.
             crescent wrench fitted tightly to the bolt. Your crescent wrench is the one with a size.
             adjustment piece near the head of it. You must make sure not to round the edges of the.
             bolt when removing it ; this will make it difficult to tighten or loosen the bolt again. If.
             you do have this problem occur you will need to use a vise grip in the future. Your vise.
             grip is a set of pliers that adjust and grip tightly for maximum hold and control of bolts.
             without edges.
             Once the bolt is removed the oil will drain freely from the oil tank into the pan.
             you have placed under it.

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