Plato-The Immortal Soul

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Plato is an interesting man, with stupendous caliber to contemplate and make philosophies of the human nature and the universe. His contemplation of the human soul was quite fascinating. It almost is a compelling idea to believe (an absolute truth).

The soul, according to Plato, is immortal. Like Socrates, Plato believed in the world of opposites; that if there is life, there is death; that if there is beauty, there is ugliness. Similarly, Plato in ˜Phaedo' has Socrates explain the immortality of the soul. He explained that "life generates death, and death proceeds to another life;  the soul hence exists before it enters the body and continues to exist after the body dies. Plato further on goes on to say that the soul is like a body that constantly keeps changing its clothes; this concept is totally relative, though nonetheless, I believe in the immortality of the soul, and that the soul is the realm of reason. Unlike a soap bubble that exists for only a few seconds, and unlike everything that is palpable in this world, the soul is eternal and immutable. It is fascinating when Plato says that the sou

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