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Why I Created ExampleEssays.com

Up until my first year of college, I was not a good writer. I had consistently received poor grades in my high school English classes and went all the way through my senior year with only a basic understanding of how to write a decent paper. Once I entered college, I realized that my old way of trudging through writing assignments was never going to work. I looked at the upcoming mountain of college essays and term papers I’d be expected to write and knew that if I wanted good grades, I’d have to find some outside help. Academically, I was facing a new set of expectations and had some demanding professors to impress.

So, I turned to the internet to see how other students handled their writing assignments. I started typing my topics in search bars and following mazes of links until I found examples of student-written essays I could use to collect ideas for my papers. Reading the work of my peers provided me with models for constructing my papers, and I went from getting C’s and D’s as I did in high school, to A’s and B’s. In fact, one of my English professors pulled me aside to tell me that she saw significant growth in my writing style and content; that was a first!

I was so encouraged by my newly-developed writing skills, that I decided to start an essay database website to help other students find the same success. I began putting my papers online and asked some friends if I could post theirs as well. Then, I added a form so that anyone who wanted to donate an essay could do so, and to my surprise, tens of thousands of students began submitting their essays; evidence that I wasn’t the only one who needed essay writing support.

ExampleEssays.com has come a long way since I began posting my papers online. Since 2002, we've collected over 100,000 essays and have helped millions of students improve their writing skills. And because the staff at ExampleEssays.com wants to assist students even further, we've hired a team of experts to write papers on current events and frequently requested topics so our members can find exactly what they’re looking for. Also, we've recently implemented a professional editing service, which enables students to submit their essay drafts to an editor for proofreading and detailed revision notes; it’s like having access to your own personal English professor 24 hours a day.

The priority of ExampleEssays.com is, and always will be, to help students improve their writing skills; after all, that's why I started this site. If there is any other way we can help you become a better writer and bring your grades to a new level, please reach out and let us know.

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