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Writing Questions Answered by Professional Editors

1. I'm supposed to write an essay for my English class, but I have no idea how. Can you explain the parts of an essay?

2. Can I write an essay without a thesis statement?

3. Is there a difference between Works Cited and References?

4. I'm writing a paper on The Great Gatsby and I don't know how to find resources. What's the best way?

5. I'm supposed to write a narrative essay but I don't even know what that is.

6. What are the basics of writing an essay?

7. I'm writing an essay for my psychology class and my teacher said to use APA format. How is that different from MLA?

8. I'm having trouble conveying my thesis for my research paper. My prof. told me my grammar errors are my problem.

9. I'm having trouble coming up with a topic for my demonstration essay.

10. What's the best way to write an essay on The Scarlet Letter?

11. What's an essay conclusion?

12. I have an assignment to write an essay considering three stories. I dont know how to start because I'm supposed to analyze and reveal the loopholes, ambiguities, and inadequacies of the stories. Please can you help me—I really dont know how to do it.

13. How do I format essay questions and vignettes in 1/2 page APA format?

14. How do you write a compare/contrast essay along with an annotated bibliography?

15. Essay help on, (assigned topic) Preserving Culture for Sustainable Development in the Era of Village-Industrialization.

16. How do you write a lead sentence about Lucy Stone?

17. Can you give me some online resources on how to write an essay?

18. I'm writing a paper on Mark Twain's life and works - maybe Huck Finn - and I can't think of a good title.

19. Where can I find resources on Ernest Hemingway's wives for an essay?

20. I was told that I ramble and have run-ons in my writing. What is a run-on?

21. This might be a dumb question but what's the difference between fiction and nonfiction?

22. I'm writing an essay on A Raisin in the Sun and I'm supposed to write it from a fresh perspective. What else can I write about other than the plot?

23. Stephen King says that if you don't have time to read, you don't have the tools to write. I'm in college and all I have time to read are textbooks. I want to be a good writer but as a chemistry major, how do I find time to read the good stuff?

24. Hey! I want an essay on "chocolate - a sweet addiction," for an essay writing competition. I only have one day to write it.

25. So I'm supposed to write an essay on how John Steinbeck's life influenced his work. How do I do that?

26. How can I develop my accuracy in my writing?

27. How do I write a CV for an upcoming job transition?

28. My essay assignment is: Tell me about a place you think is great to live in. It could be where you already live, or somewhere else. Why do you think it is such a good place to live in? Is there anything that would make it even better? 140-190 words :(

29. My assignment is to write an essay on a great American play. I think I want to focus on the most well-known—the play that would be considered the #1 American classic of theater. Any ideas?

30. There is no way I can write a 1000 word essay so I'm going to fail an assignment.

31. Can I skip an introduction and go right to the paragraphs?

32. I need help with an essay on the largest group in Afghanistanis.

33. My topic is Olympic events that were played in ancient Greece. I need ideas for a thesis statement.

34. I'm writing a paper on biology but I can't find good websites for research. I know nothing about biology.

35. I have to go to summer school. I'm failing English. I don't get grammar at all and don't know how to improve.

36. I'm writing a college admissions essay and I'm confused. What are they looking for?

37. I want to be a full-time writer. How can I strengthen my English writing skills?

38. If my teacher wants a 5 paragraph essay does that include the introduction and the conclusion?

39. I'm in summer school and we have to read Lord of the Flies. It's boring and I hate it and I'm losing interest.

40. I cannot concentrate. I try to write and my mind wanders all over the place. I have writer's block again. Help!

41. I've been assigned to write a term paper. I can write an essay ok, but don't know what makes a term paper different.

42. I never know how to start an essay - like, the opening sentence. Any tips?

43. How do I write 300 words about a significant experience? One paragraph.

44. I need help writing an essay on migration and refugees in South Asia according to political psychology.

45. Help with writing on the concepts of ethnicity and identity in South Asia.

46. Any advice for writing an essay on "Girls at War" by Chinua Achebe? I need information on Gladys and the irony of the title.

47. Please help me write a two-page paper on witchcraft in Africa and Canada.

48. I need to write an essay on why I love to eat. I need an outline or some type of help.

49. I'm writing an essay on the influences of advertising and need tips.

50. I need to develop an essay on environmental problems and solutions. Where do I begin?

51. Hi, I need a short story (2-3 pages) about a relationship between a doctor and his patient. Basically, it's an observation about how a doctor should behave and communicate with his patient (verbally and nonverbally). Can you write one for me?

52. I need an essay on teens and cosmetic surgery. Can you give me one? If not, where can I get one?

53. Can you provide me with an essay on the play Antigone by Jean Anouilh and Sophocles?

54. Can you give me a reaction paper on how those in the 21st-century think?

55. Can you help me understand the character of Willie Beech in "Good Night Mister Tom"?

56. How do I compare Steven King's The Shining book to the 1980 movie? It's for an essay.

57. How do I write an application/admissions essay for the YYGS (Yale Young Global Scholars) program?

58. My teacher says that reading fiction can improve my writing skills. What books can help me become a better writer?

59. I'm writing an essay on Indian government but don't have any information for an introduction. How do I do this?

60. How do I write a good first sentence to my essay introduction?