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How do you write a compare/contrast essay along with an annotated bibliography?


1. To understand annotated bibliographies, you must first understand the function of a bibliography. A bibliography is a recorded list of sources used to research your topic. Sources such as websites, books, and journals, would be included in a bibliography. If you used a source in any way to collect information for your paper, it should be included in the biblio.

An annotated bibliography is an addition to the bibliography and is a summary of each source. The reason your teacher has required you to write your annotations before you write your paper is because they will serve as helpful reference tools. When you collect sources for an essay, you should keep a record of them and refer to them throughout the writing process. Most of your sources should be collected and recorded before you begin to write. Your annotations will be a point of reference for you.

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A compare/contrast essay is one that takes two things/subjects that share similarities and differences and defines those for the reader.

Examples of compare/contrast essay topics could be:

- Traveling by car and plane

- Animals living in the wild and animals that live in zoos

- People who are educated and those who are aren't

The format of your three body paragraphs would look like this:

body paragraph 1 - topic one - traveling by car

body paragraph 2 - topic 2 - traveling by plane

body paragraph 3 - topics 1 and 2 - traveling by car and plane

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