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How do I write a good first sentence to my essay introduction?


1. "In my opinion, the first sentence is one of the most - if not THE most - important sentence of every essay. If your opening is weak, the reader will automatically assume that every sentence to follow will be a chore to read.

There is no standard way write an opening sentence, but keep in mind that it must grab the reader's attention—this is called a ""hook.""

Some ideas for opening sentences:
- a quote that is relative to the topic of your essay
- a question (not my favorite method, but acceptable)
- state an interesting fact
- give a warning or create a sense of urgency
- relay a powerful section of dialogue from a literary source
- write simply with a short but powerful statement

Contrary to what some may believe, an essay's thesis statement does not have to be the introduction's opening sentence. In fact, unless your thesis statement has a great hook, it should be incorporated later in the introduction.

Feel free to get creative when writing your introduction; as long as your opening sentence grabs the reader's attention and is fully relevant to the topic at hand, you'll be on the right track. I'm including a few links to help you out:




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