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I need help writing an essay on migration and refugees in South Asia according to political psychology.


1. If you're writing an essay on South Asian political psychology in reference to migration and refugees, there are a few things to consider before you sit down to write:

1. Understand the assignment.
What are the essay requirements? How many words? Format? Due date? etc.

2. Familiarize yourself with the topic.
• What is political psychology?

• What is migration?

• What is a refugee?

• How do political psychology, migration, and refugees intertwine?

3. Do an online search using keywords: migration, political psychology, and refugee.

4. From your online research, take detailed notes from relevant sites and begin to develop a direction for your essay.

5. Based on your notes and the topic at hand, write a one-sentence thesis statement that you can use as a summary of the purpose and point of view of your essay. It should have a very narrow focus.

6. Use your thesis sentence as a reference point for collecting online information that will support the thesis.

7. Read other questions and answers on this site for additional information on essay writing.

8. If you need extra help, go to www.exampleessays.com and see if there's an essay there that you can use to develop for your own essay. see: http://www.exampleessays.com/search-essays.html?search=migration++asia"

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