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I'm having trouble coming up with a topic for my demonstration essay.


1. Before you decide on a topic for your demonstration essay, be sure to know your target audience—if you're writing for your history class, a demo essay on how to ride a skateboard wouldn't be a very good fit. A good demonstration essay is written for a particular demographic (peers, children, a teacher, etc.), so keep that in mind when choosing a topic.

A demonstration essay is a 'how-to'—how to do something or how to perform a task. Here are a few examples:

How to build a doghouse
How to wax a car
How to save for college
How to unclog a sink
How to make a pizza

Choose a topic that you find interesting. Think of a favorite hobby or skill you've mastered. The more familiar you are with your topic, the more informative (and effective) your essay will be.

Go here for a list of sample demonstration essay topics: http://www.speechmastery.com/demonstration-speech-topics.html"

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