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How do I write an application/admissions essay for the YYGS (Yale Young Global Scholars) program?


1. "I'm familiar with the YYGS program and I know that students who've participated in it have had life-changing experiences. It's an excellent program and is offered by one of the greatest, most well-respected universities in the world.

I recommend beginning your essay preparation by taking a look at sample acceptance letters at www.megaessays.com This site has a database of over 80,000 free essays - many of them acceptance letter/essays. Go to www.megaessays.com and type acceptance in the search bar. You'll be directed to many relative essays.

Before writing an essay for admission the Yale Young Global Scholars, you may want to consider doing a bit of research on Yale University which sponsors that program. Doing this will help you understand the very foundation of the program you'd like to enter. Here's a link to information on the history of Yale U: http://www.yale.edu/about/history.html

Then, after you have a good understanding of what being part of the Yale ""family"" represents, do a little digging to find information on the Yale Young Global Scholars program:

Once you have a good overview of the program, ask yourself these questions before you begin to write your acceptance essay:
1. Why do I want to be part of this program?
2. How could I be an asset to the other students in the program?
3. What do I like and respect about Yale University -
its history, high educational standards, reputation,
worldwide student base, etc.
4. What would I be able to learn from the Yale Young Global
Scholars program?
5. What life experiences have I had which make me an excellent
candidate for this program?
6. What are my career and long-term goals?
7. How could my acceptance to the program help me become
a positive influence on my community, country, the world,
8. Why am I unique and stand out from the other student applicants?
9. What do I know about the success of the YYGS program?
10. Why would I value being educated by Yale University
* I'm sure you'll have your own questions to consider before you sit down to write.
Take a look at this site, as well:
http://www.timwoods.org/…/how-to-write-successful-college-…/ Pay close attention to the ""four traits"" listed near the middle of the page. These are excellent points of reference to consider when you're putting your essay together.

Working through the information I've given you is a good starting point in your essay development. Write it with complete confidence and believe in yourself and your abilities. Never doubt or question yourself in your essay. Write with strength, supported with information proving, beyond doubt, that you're a superior choice for admission."

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