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I'm writing a college admissions essay and I'm confused. What are they looking for?


1. To ensure that your essay is impressive, follow these steps in the admissions essay writing process:

1. Remember that your essay should have a narrow focus—this isn't the time to tell your life story. You'll be sharing an experience or information about yourself that defines who you are as an individual.

2. Your essay should have a central theme, and you should avoid presenting a list of your accomplishments. Include information that is focused but personal.

3. Give your piece a simple focus. Examples:

"I believe that being a student at UNH will help me become a better person."

"My goal is to graduate from IU with honors and go forward into a successful career in veterinary medicine."

4. Don't present a list of facts but do hone in on details.

5. Pay close attention to the required word count. Do not go over and stay as close to the number of words allotted. Too long an essay may be disqualified, and one that is too short may appear rushed or incomplete.

6. Know the requirements. Should you be writing a five-part essay (introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion), or a single paragraph?

7. Proofread your work and make as many changes as necessary.

8. Submit your essay before the deadline. If it arrives late, it may not be accepted.

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