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How do I write 300 words about a significant experience? One paragraph.


1. Before you begin putting your paragraph together, keep in mind the techniques we use when writing a five-paragraph narrative essay: include an effective opening sentence, a body that's simple, cohesive, and tells your story and a concluding sentence or two that ties it all together.
To be successful, the paragraph must flow and progress in chronological order. Your first job is to determine the focus of your paragraph. Yes, it will be about you, but what experience will be the narrow focus of your piece? Because the assignment is to describe something that happened to you, you'll need to think about one (and only one) that made a significant impact on your life.

Here are some ideas:

• Your favorite vacation
• The day you got your driver's license
• A time when someone you love passed away
• A memorable holiday
• Your first day of high school

Choose an experience that holds some significance to you—that will help you write with authenticity.

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