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I'm in summer school and we have to read Lord of the Flies. It's boring and I hate it and I'm losing interest.


1. "Lord of the Flies" is one of the most studied books in American and many European high schools—it's undoubtedly a classic.

Not everyone who reads William Golding's novel of boys trapped on a deserted island views it as great literature. In fact, if you were to poll a group of high school students, I'm fairly confident that it would be a 50/50 split between those who like it and those who don't.

If you're having difficulty understanding the story, you're not alone—the book is somewhat tedious, and portions are monotonous. It's dark, loaded with symbolism, and there are plenty of unlikable characters. Because of this, some students lose interest and fail to read the novel all the way through. If you're bored reading Lord of the Flies, here are a few interesting facts that may keep you interested in the story:

1. It's one of the most frequently banned books in America due to its violent content and raw language. Thousands of high schools refuse to incorporate it into their English curriculums.

2. Lord of the Flies was William Golding's first book, and it was rejected by publishers dozens of times. It was not successful from the outset.

3. Years after the novel's publication, Golding reread the story and determined it to be "boring and crude." He didn't like the way story ended and refused to acknowledge it as a great work of literature.

4. Lord of the Flies contains no female characters. The novel begins and ends with boys.

(some facts are collected from http://mentalfloss.com/article/62962/11-things-you-might-not-know-about-lord-flies)

I hope your studies are successful!

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