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I'm writing an essay on A Raisin in the Sun and I'm supposed to write it from a fresh perspective. What else can I write about other than the plot?


1. Here are a few ideas for writing about A Raisin the Sun from a fresh perspective:

1. How Lorraine Hansberry's childhood influenced ARITS.
2. Roots of ARITS as found in the poem, Harlem, by Langston Hughes.
3. The concept of death in ARITS.
4. The ongoing cultural relevance of ARITS (1959-2016).
5. The stage history of ARITS.
6. Why a simple (or complex) set works best when producing ARITS.
7. What makes Walter Lee Younger the most important (or least important) character in ARITS.

These are just a few of the many directions you can take your essay. Keep in mind that whatever angle you choose, you'll need to develop a strong thesis statement to set as the foundation of your piece—so your chosen topic focus must be one you can summarize in an effective thesis statement.

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