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I'm supposed to write an essay for my English class, but I have no idea how. Can you explain the parts of an essay?


1. An essay consists of three parts: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Each part is essential in writing an effective essay—if one component is missing, the essay is unstructured and incomplete. Formatting your essay properly is the most important parts of the process.

Three Essential Parts of an Essay

1. Introduction
The introduction is the opening paragraph and informs the reader what the essay is about. It hooks the reader and guides them into the body of the essay. The introduction is where you'll introduce your thesis statement.

2. Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph (typically three) supports the thesis statement found in your introduction. Body paragraphs provide facts and evidence and maintain focus on the thesis with supportive information. These paragraphs are the core your essay.

3. Conclusion
This is your last paragraph—a reminder of your thesis statement and a summary of the material covered in your body paragraphs. The conclusion reminds the reader of the earlier content, drives home the thesis statement and closes the essay with precision.

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