Brain Drain

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The question of whether brain gain/drain is a bad thing is a debate that in itself can never really be solved. What we can do is to better understand how we can manage ˜it' to benefit our country and economy by realising the possibilities of what stands to be gained/lost. To expand on these ideas I've laid out what in my view are the pertinent points and the ones that certainly pique the interest of most debaters of the topic. Human pathology tells us that we are independent of choice and may act in unpredictable ways, thus making ever person their own traveller. For most, according to several studies, the outflow of human resources is merely to gain experience that may not be accessible here, and then return to their homeland in an attempt to reap the benefits.

We need to look beyond the mere fact that we are losing people to foreign countries, we need to look at whom? This however is very dependent on the key factors of age, social standing and their profession at present, or to be. Young students are those we should really be most concerned about. They are the foundations of any country and where they are most comfortable will not only determine where they live but also how

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