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Circus Animals

             Should it be legal to breed and train animals in captivity for entertainment? .
             Animals definitely should not be chained up and made to .
             perform. This is nearly as cruel as the dancing bears. This is when people put a chain through the bears nose and pull the chain to make the bear go up and down. People pay a lot of money to watch the bears being tortured and they laugh at it!! Circuses can do without animals and it should be illegal. Anyone that makes animals perform should be arrested because what they do is sick and very cruel!! .
             Animals should perform in circuses because they would enjoy all the attention and they would most likely love performing the acts too. All the other animals would be jealous if they saw how happy the circus animals were. The animals in the circus are very well off; they get fed good food without having to hunt (and treats when they perform well), a warm, dry place to sleep and rest so they should be allowed to perform. They also get good medical care when they are ill.
             I believe that having animals in circuses is disgusting and that it should definitely be illegal. It isn’t that bad that they are in captivity for a little while but when it is for a long time then the animal can’t be let out into the wild again. Because they wouldn’t know how to hunt for food or defend themselves when a predator attacks if it’s in captivity for too long!.