Rome and Han China Comparison Essay

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There were four classical civilizations existing at the time of 1000BCE to 550CE. From

the different regions of the world, civilizations were arising with unique culture and different

lifestyle among them. From the four civilizations, Rome and Han China were the two significant

civilizations which had many similarities. The empires of Rome and Han China co-existed at

about the same time. They were the two largest empires that the world have seen. However, what

goes up, comes down. Comparisons can be made from their structures, how did they kept their

empires peaceful and successful, and the decline.

Both Rome and Han China had a power figure who ruled the whole empire. For Rome,

the leader was called a king while he was referred as the emperor in Han China. Since the land

was too big to be governed by one man, the king had Roman Senate to help him run the central government an

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