Character Analysis

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"No Witchcraft for Sale  by Doris Lessing

"In the Shadow  by Ben Okri

The two stories that are going to be analyzed and contemplated in this short essay were picked almost out of random chance. They seemed like interesting short stories, yet they were not examined specifically for similarities while being selected. The first story that looked pleasing was titled, "In the Shadow of War  by Ben Okri. It is the story about Omovo, a young boy, and his adventures one afternoon during the Civil War of Nigeria in the late 1960's. The second selection is, No Witchcraft For Sale  by Doris Lessing. This story takes place in approximately 1960 when Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was still under British rule. This short story illustrates some of the conflict and relations between the white families of the British ruling class and the native Africans who are servants for the white families. The story is based around a British couple's son, named Teddy, and their relations with their cook servant, Gideon.

Within these two stories, that were chosen to comparatively analyze, the main characters are both male children who lived in Africa. These small children were broug

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