Impeccable Broken English

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The English language is one of the most complicated languages to master. We have so much slang, jargon and terminology within that it takes years to learn. The United States is full of immigrants that have learned English as a second language and have tried to master it the best way they know how. Accent, inflection and pronunciation usually comes most naturally to people that are born in the United States making it difficult for immigrants to sound as if they are natives. Americans tends to be impatient and judgmental towards immigrants when they sound garbled and unintelligible, trying to articulate their ideas. In her essay, "Mother Tongue , Amy Tan relates how people often negatively perceive immigrants based poor articulation skills and she illustrates the manner in which they are discriminated against due to their "improper  use of the English language within the professional community that is used within the family as a sign of love and high regard.

When people come in contact with working professionals, they tend to enhance the way they sound in order to come off as understandable, intelligent and someone who should be taken seriously. Immigrants have a more difficul

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