Reasons to Consider Linux Operating System

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The Linux operating system has created a new "buzz  in the computer industry and it has caught the attention of business managers, computer programmers, and even the casual computer owner. They are unhappy with the business practices of Microsoft and the endless "blue screen of death  that constantly haunts every user that uses any Windows product. These products such as Windows NT, 98, 2000, Millennium edition, and the latest XP, have become the standard on almost all desktop throughout the world however, Linux boasts better performance, stability, and functionality over Microsoft.

On the Microsoft official website (, there are articles that compare Linux with Windows NT. The authors state their arguments against open-source software (free to all), the disadvantages of a unique operating system and describe Linux as custom-built technology that is low on performance because of the lack of support. In one of the articles, "How Does Linux Compare?  (Online), it claims that Linux does not have the customer and equipment support as compared to Microsoft. It says, "The open-source nature of the product means that many Linux deployments are some

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