Lab Report on Density of Water

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This lab contains several mass and volume measurements and to use these measurements to determine the density of water, an unknown liquid and an unknown solid. To find the density of these unknown factors you take their mass and divide it by the volume and that that equals their density. After the measurements are found then determine the precision of the results by calculating the percent error. The purpose of this lab is to determine the density of water, the density of an unknown liquid and the density of an unknown solid.

Volume- how much space an object takes up

Density- how much matter is in a specific amount of space

Mass- how much matter is present in an object

Qualitive-a type of observations that you use your senses for color, odor and texture.

Quantitive- a type of observation that you get measurements on how long, how much and how big.

Conclusions-the results or solution to your observations

Observations- looking at something using your senses and noticing changes and attributes.

Percent Error- calculations and measurements used as a comparison of the differences between experimental results and theoretical values.

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