Rocker Babe

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What does punk-rock taste like? Normally clean vocals that are easily understood, and etched into your skull because of their carefree wording. Drums that beat down in a melodic way, keeping everything bright and powerful. The guitar screams, but walks through the melody cautiously on other parts. The bass slaps its way through the song as well, giving the song some meat to chew on. For many people they shrug off the idea of listening to punk-rock mainly because it is different than other forms of popular music. These people often form bias opinions towards punk-rock before ever enjoying the experience themselves. However, the reasons why my friends and I enjoy punk-rock music, specifically the band Blindside, are deeper than just the outward sounds of their melodies. We appreciate punk-rock music because it is a form of support during difficult times, the music inspires us, and gives us an energetic outlet.

Blindsides' lyrics are somewhat different than other punk-rock bands, whereas, Blindside incorporates Christian theology into most of their songs, this is the main way that I find comfort in their music. The lyrics, "And I know You're alive; And I'll give my heart to survive; This world has nothing to offer a human

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