Symbolism In Return Of The Native

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"A face on with time makes but little impression,  that is what Thomas Hardy starts off the book as the title of the first chapter depicting Egdon Heath, the major symbol in the book. Although there are many interpretations of what the heath symbolizes, one the most prominent reasons is that it is a symbol of fate.

The person whom is victimized is most by fate is Eustacia Vye. She is the character who tries so hard to leave the tiresome Egdon Heath, but is never able too. She tries very hard to set herself up with the right guy who will help her leave the place which she despises the most. Eustacia craved the glamour and intensity of a fast life that is not found on Egdon Heath. She first goes after Wildeve, with whom she has had a secret affair with for quite some time. Eustacia proposes that they should leave together, but after some thought, Wildeve

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