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The Eagles - Hotel California - Song Meaning

            The Eagles – Hotel California.
             The Eagles were one of the most successful bands of the 1970’s. Their first album titled “The Eagles” went gold a year and a half after it was released in June of 1972. The album was a moderate hit (going gold a year and a half later) and produced the Top 40 hits "Take It Easy" (written by Frey and Jackson Browne), "Witchy Woman," and "Peaceful Easy Feeling.” The second album that The Eagles released was an album called “Desperado.” Unfortunately for The Eagles, this album did not do as well as their first album. This album focused more on a rebel or outlaw type of image for the band, and was somewhat unsuccessful for the band and their image. The band then turned to drugs for a way out. This would influence the rest of their career as a band, and the music that they wrote. For their third album, “On The Border,” released in 1974, the group added guitarist Don Felder. This album went gold in three months, rather than a year and a half like their first album did. This album also produced a number one hit called, “Best of My Love.” It took quite a while for this album to reach number one though. It was almost a full year after the release of the album that this song hit the number one spot on the charts. At about that same time, the band released its fourth album called, “One of These Nights.” The year is now 1975 and the band has been very successful so far in the 1970s. At the end of the year 1976, the band released it’s most influential album yet. This album is titled, “Hotel California.” From this album comes the title track song, “Hotel California.” This song could have a few different meanings behind it, but from what I have read about it, it focuses on one basic thing. Heroin. Some of the members of the band are addicted to the drug heroin, and this is what influences their lives the most.