The Lady or the Tiger

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The short story ˜The Lady, or The Tiger' is written by, ˜Frank R. Stockton'. This story was one of the most well liked stories of its time. It was one of the biggest selling stories in 1895, which made him voted as the fifth best living American writer of the time .

Stockton belongs to American popular literature genre. He also, wrote a number of children's stories, and probably was the first to write a science fiction book. It was his better judgment of writing on the middle class that won him his fame. He would write about the upheaval, which this particular class saw.

This particular story has a typical plot, of anarchy, where there is a princess, her lover (a poor gardener), and the King himself.

Of course, the most aberrant deed takes place, being the Princess and the commoner falling in love. They had hardly acknowledged their love for each other that, the King finds out and on the spot the boy is imprisoned.

This story theme is not a new or a very original design. There would be millions of stories in the libraries with a bit of drama, a spice of romance and a heart strikenning twist.

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