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The US Election of 2012, Obama vs. Romney

            The candidate I would choose for President for 2012 would be Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party. Although I do not agree with all the policies that he proposes, I do believe that he is this best candidate to take America out of the economic crisis and regain its strength as a nation. Mitt Romney is an impressive articulate speaker; he definitely looks the part of presidency and carries himself well, which image is very persuasive to voters. His confidence and ability to argue his opinion with his experience in business and a family man definitely translates well across on television screens, he is able to use sympathetic language to persuade Americans to vote for him, by using a lot of examples of touring states on the campaign and using real life grievances that Americans have, especially in unemployment to place blame on current policies of Obama . However the reason why I would not vote for Romney is that it seems that he has a lot of fantastic promises and stating that he knows ‘what it takes’ to get people back into work and balancing the deficit with lowering taxes and closing loopholes and lowering deductions but never clearly states on how he is going to be able to achieve these promises and even if they’re going to be beneficial to Americans. This is where Obama seems to sway my decision, because although he may have seemed to lost the first presidential debate by not speaking as well or not as confident as Romney is able to call up the bluff of Romney’s large promises to lower taxes, provide relief to the middle class, and ‘No tax cuts that adds to the deficit’ because he is not able to answer directly or clearly on real or detailed plans to fix these issues. Whereas Obama is able to state clearly his issues and policies that he believes are going to work and is main agenda would be to concentrate on the economy at the middle class level as he believes that America does best when the middle class is doing best.