Doctor Frederick Banting

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Frederick Banting was born on November 14, 1891 in Alliston, Ontario. He was born to William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant who also had four more children. In 1911, after graduating from a public high school, he enrolled at the University of Toronto and decided to become a doctor. In 1915, he left the school to join the Canadian Army Medical Corps. There was a lack of doctors, so he was sent back to school to finished his Medical Bachelor degree at the University of Toronto, and graduated in 1916. Frederick immediately rejoined the Canadian Army Medical Corps and was sent to England. After the first World War, he returned to Canada and established his own medical office in London, Ontario. Banting was particularly interested in diabetes due to a fellow classmate who has died because of the condition. To do any research, Banting needed proper equipment along with financial support. He turned to the University of Toronto, and tried to convince Dr. Macleod to allow him the use of the U of T labs to investigate the fluids released by the pancreas. Macleod denied his offer but after he saw Banting's determination allowed him the use of the lab for eight weeks. During those eight weeks, he worked with Charles Best, biochemist. Years o

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