The Marcos Regime

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December 30, 1965, a very controversial chapter in the Philippine history began. It was the start of the presidential term of the late Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. He was the first Philippine president to proclaim the state of martial law in the country. Through the martial law, he took advantage of everything that our country offered to him. Ferdinand Marcos' term as president of the Philippines has influenced drastic changes in the country through his proclamation of the martial law. These drastic changes during his regime altered the people's thoughts about the government. President Marcos "traumatized  the nation because of his works.

Some of us Filipinos had been a part of this period in history. We should remember or at least know some of the misfortunes the Marcos Government had brought to the Philippine nation. It would be necessary for us to look back from time to time at Marcos' presidential term so that we would be able to have knowledge of what it takes to prevent this kind of history to repeat itself.

President Marcos was known to be the smartest and most talented amongst the presidents of the Philippines. He did an extraordinary job in his stu

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