Romeo And Juliet - Chance, Coicidence, fate

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Romeo and Juliet, a play written by William Shakespeare is one of the most popular love stories of all time. It is a story about "A pair of star-crossed lovers", Romeo and Juliet. From the opening scenes of the play these two children of feuding families were destined to fall in love together and eventually die together. In the play Romeo and Juliet's lives are based according to the stars, fate, chance and coincidence. All of which cannot be avoided. This ultimately leads to the final outcome, their deaths. Romeo and Juliet could not have avoided coming in contact with each other, they were brought together by uncontrollable circumstances. This has been shown in many incidences throughout the play, which includes, the early scene when the servant of Capulet approaches Romeo and asks him to read the names on the invites for him, the meeting and falling in love and the death of Romeo and Juliet.

The idea that the lives of Romeo and Juliet's were partly based on coincidence was shown at the beginning of the play during Act I, Scene II as Romeo and Benvolio were in a public area and were approached by a serva

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