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Chris Mccandless( into the wild

            Chris McCandless’ Journey For Freedom.
             Chris McCandless exemplifies what it is to be unconventional, courageous, and free.
             Doing whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, Chris shows that with enough courage and a .
             will to succeed people, are able to accomplish seemingly anything. Chris’ journey is spiritual and.
             unconventional. Chris sets out into nature alone, without the support of his friends and family.
             searching for a new path unlike that of a normal man in society. Chris’ actions show a new level.
             of freedom, what true liberty is about, and the freedom of something much more spiritual,.
             freedom of the soul and the mind. Chris should be admired immensely for his unconventional.
             actions, courage, and search for freedom. Chris’ life is a wonderful example of searching for a.
             new path beyond the boundaries of a society to seek freedom no matter what the cost.
             Chris McCandless’ self -defined rules and motivation set him out on an unconventional.
             journey to self discovery. Chris’s passion eventually leads him to undertake his fatal journey to.
             Alaska. The freedom, vastness, and carefree existence that his craves and finds in the wilderness.
             cause him to travel around the West for a long time with no destination in mind. McCandless’.
             feelings about starting his new lifestyle are summed up by Krakauer, who says, “ At long last he.
             unencumbered, emancipated from the stifling world of his parents and peers, a world of.
             abstraction and security and material excess, a world in which he felt grievously cut off from the.
             raw throb of existence” (22). McCandless is unsatisfied with his life before his journey. Once he.
             graduates from college, “McCandless tramped around the west for the next two months,.
             spellbound by the scale and power of the landscape” (29). Krakauer shows Chris’ apparent desire.
             for a change. This desire not only drives Chris to create a new life but eventually drives him to his.