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In todays career society not everyone has the same opportunities to succeed in

life.This may be because of various reasons like colour of skin , religious

beliefs or perhaps your social background.Some people live on the street and

everyday it's a struggle just to find something to eat.On our way to work or

school we are confronted with theese people but seldomly we act and really show

any kind of interest or compassion for theese people , who for some reason got

stuck in a moment that they can't get out of , and are now left out of society.

We often think to ourselves that we would'nt be able to live that way or never

would be able to do the things that theese people do to themselves and others.

But reality is very different when you are one of theese people and perhaps

we should'nt be too judgemental about them before we actually have made any kind

of attempt to understand where they are coming from and who they are.

Raglan and Jeremy belong to this unfortuanate group of people.

Raglan is a black male probably a former gang member judging from the

description of his clothes (L17-18) and also that he has deep scars on his chest

from a knife.We are never actually told why Raglan provides for Jeremy or why he

decided to take him under his wings when he found him.What's striking to me is

that it's actually a homeless addict that has the mental surplus to care and

look after this abandoned child.I think it is because he sees a part of

himself in Jeremy and can identify with the boy's situation that he helps him.Or

perhaps he just want's to do some good in this world that has been stripped of

all aspects of caring for oneanother.So infact Raglan is a very compassionate

human being , he may even be well educated , we don't know.Anyway some may say

that he is'nt doing much good for Jeremy , giving him cigarettes and whiskey

and probably being the one who introduced

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