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Farinelli is a true story. The film was made in 1994 and directed by Gerard Corbiau. This movie takes place in the mid to early eighteenth century. There are a number of different setting were the story takes place. The film starts in the court of King Philip V of Spain in the year 1740. It then takes a flashback to Naples eighteen years earlier. The two stars, Carlo Broschi, also known as Farinelli, and his older brother Riccardo, then travel and perform throughout England. They end their journey at Nobles Theater in London where they compete against George Frideric Handel and his Covent Garden opera theatre. After becoming extremely successful, Farinelli goes to Madrid, where the movie started. This was a time period when music was extremely powerful. Like many musicians of the late baroque era, Farinelli viewed him self as almost being god like. After all, that is ho

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