Summary of Gullivers Travels

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In the story Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift uses a unique way of comparing different civilizations. The main character of Gulliver's Travels is Lemuel Gulliver, who is also the narrator. Gulliver travels to many different civilizations through out the book. In each of his adventures we learn about the different values of each culture. We also see that Gulliver is alienated in many different ways by each civilization. In Gulliver's Travels we get to explore the many different civilizations, and what effects it has on one person as a human being.

After encountering a violent storm, Lemuel Gulliver and six crew men escape on a small row boat. The row boat then capsizes, and Gulliver swims safely to the shore. Gulliver then wakes up to find himself surrounded by a bunch of thread. He then is greeted by the six-inch Lilliputians. Even though the Lilliputians are only six-inches tall they are very proud of how small they are. They look upon Gulliver as a freakish giant. Gulliver is alienated when they put him in a prison, and must stay there until he meets with the king. To be set free Gulliver must agree with the morals of Lilliputians articles. Those articles that he must

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