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Democracy in Colonial Wethersfield

Democracy in Colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut

With Wethersfield Connecticut as an example the American society was

becoming less democratic in most situations. The colonies were suppose to be a way for

people to get freedom though it seemed as if the had less freedom when arriving to

America. One category that the colonies were lacking democracy in was property

The wealthiest men paid less taxes than did the poor citizens, thus came the

saying, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Also 90% of all land was owned by the

welathy people. Another negative towards democracy was that the rich controlled the

church and the government, which led to less freedom for the poor.

The social structure was a major problem because of preferrential treatment.

Teachers, and doctors were looked less upon as the ministers in the colonies. Though

more people were able to vote blacks, and women still did not have that right, causing

another negative towards democracy. Also the top two wealthiest gruops in the colonies

Finally, religion was one of the least democratic parts of the colonies in the mid

1700's. Connecticut law said that you must get consent from Rev. Lockwood to be able

to preach, which deminished freedom of religion. Sober Dissenters were made to pay

church taxes even though they did not support the church's beliefs. Ministers wer not

made to pay any taxes causing a bigger gap between democracy and the colonies.

So many people may believe that America was moving to democracy as early as

the 1700's but I would disagree. If anything the colonists were restricted as much as they

were in their own homeland. I also believe that America was a big waste until after the

American Revolution, which is when the democracy began for the colonists.

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