Movie Review: Black Robe

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After finishing the movie Black Robe by Bruce Beresford, viewed in class, there are so many things that just don't seem to flow well in today's society. Recently, the world has shifted to less ˜selfish' views on the rest of the world. And the fact that this movie shows how people really only care about themselves deep down inside seems kind of silly. And that what I think the entire movie focused on was how each side, the French missionaries and the Indians, only felt that they were important and never despite the best of their reasonable thinking could not begin to understand one another. The whole movie comes down to people thinking that others think the same way that they do, and when they do differ in thinking, they don't try to understand that thinking and just state that the other side is dumb.

The movie revolves around a 1632 French missionary, Father LaForgue or Black Robe as the Indians referred to him. He traveled to North America to attempt to ˜save' the savages on the new land. I think he gets this whole mission from, as revealed in his flashback, another priest who claims to want to return to Canada to save the savages. This theory about saving people is an important

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