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Bruce Barry's Introduction The Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation

This case is a journalist's account (published in Sports Illustrated) of negotiations surrounding a professional baseball player in the U.S. named Ken Griffey, Jr. that took place during the winter of 2000. I realize that you may know little or nothing about Griffey or about the sport of baseball or the nature of U.S. major league baseball teams, contracts, and negotiations. This brief introductory note is intended to bring you up to speed on some basic details that will help you sort through the article on the Griffey negotiations. You do not need to be particularly knowledgeable about baseball to understand and analyze what went on, but it does help to know a little bit about the context in which Griffey's contract was up for grabs. So read this document first before you read the case article itself.

Who is Ken Griffey, Jr.? Griffey (also known as "Junior") is generally regarded as one of the premier professional baseball players in the two North American leagues collectively known as "Major League Baseball." Consequently, many other teams covet his talents and would like to get him. For those who care to know the baseball-related details, he is an outfielder

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