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Lack of Communication

            The Effects of the Lack of Communication in a Relationship.
             To keep a relationship healthy, there needs to be conversation involved. Without .
             conversation, the relationship ends. Some causes of this are distance, familiarity, independence, .
             someone else, and lost of interest. Distance can be a problem because him or her may be in .
             college and not have enough time for the other person. If he or she is involved in sports or .
             extracurricular activities, then there may be a tendency to forget about the person they may be .
             dating at that time. Being away from each other, the phone bill may be run up because the two .
             may always want to talk to each other. Also, being away from each other, the interests can .
             change. In college relationships, students tend to be busy and its hard to find time for one another.
             Familiarity is another effect. I, personally, being young, like to meet new people. In a .
             relationship, it's hard to meet new people because of the relationship. If a person isn't able to .
             meet new people, then its easy to become too familiar with the person your dating. .
             Independence is the third cause. When dating, independence is given up to better suit the .
             other person. Its harder to do things alone because you are doing things with the boyfriend or .
             girlfriend all the time.
             McGeath 2.
             The forth cause is someone else. While dating, it's easy to become involved or meet .
             someone else. If this happens it usually leads to a break up. .
             Losing interest is the fifth point I would like to make. With too much familiarity, losing .
             interest can become a problem. For me, seeing the same person all the time becomes boring. .
             My personal experience only relates three of these: familiarity, lost of interest, and .
             independence. I started dating a guy a few months ago, and with in a few weeks familiarity, lose .
             of interest and independence set it. We go to the same school so we see each other everyday.