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My unforgetable experience

I wasn't always excited to visit a theme park. Thinking back to when I had just turned thirteen, I had my first thrilling yet terrifying trip to Disney World. I have always been fascinated by carnival rides, but seeing the huge monstrosities that would throw people in the air in all different directions never sat well with me. What always amazed me was how ordinary people crave to be tossed through the air like vegetables in a blender, instead of enjoying the peacefulness of the ground. For me, it's the excitement of having survived the ride that draws me back for more.

My first ride was on the Ferris wheel. Looking up at the giant spinning wheel and its caged passengers, I was thinking the worst. It was huge, noisy and very intimidating. It reminded me of mythical beasts or dinosaurs. Even the roaring of the engines resembled a roar of a fire-breathing dragon! I sucked it all in and in minutes time I was boarding this enormous beast. As it started moving a sudden rush of adrenaline ran through my body. As the ride gained speed, I felt as though gravity held me in place. Ascending to the sky I was able to see the beautiful bright lights illuminating the park that never ended, descending felt as though I was falling toward the earth. I felt as though I was weightless as the machine continued to turn.

Each new rotation made me feel more and more confident in the revolving wheel. Every ascent left me over joyed that I had survived what seemed like a death defying fall. As the speed got slower I realized it had been over, though I wished it weren't. Following my family members down the metal steps to the ground, I wanted more. I had faced my fears and I survived. What better idea than to ride it again! Looking around I had felt as though there was so much more to accomplish. I pulled my fathers hand, as my tough little legs ran towards the next great obstacle that

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