The Story of an Hour: An Ironic Dream

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"The Story of an Hour : An Ironic Dream

In Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour  the first paragraph lays the groundwork for the irony that exists throughout the whole story. It lets you know from the beginning that Louise Mallard has some type of heart trouble before she even finds out about the death of her husband, Brently. "The Story of an Hour  contains a variety of different types of irony, situational, dramatic, and cosmic ironies are used.

Since Mrs. Mallard had heart trouble her sister, Josephine, wanted to break the news to her gently. Richards, Brently Mallard's best friend, was the one who had to be reassured about the death of his friend through a second telegram about the railroad accident. When Josephine told Louise about the accident, she told her little by little, because she did not know how Louise would take the information given to her. Now Louise not only had heart trouble literally, but emotionally also. This represents situational irony in a way, because those are two things that just should not happen to someone at the same time. Yet Louise

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